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The Revival of The Kohler Revival Faucet and Accessory Series

Kohler K-16102-4A-AF

The Kohler Revival faucet, fixture and accessory series was introduced in 2000 at the turn of the century. Standing out as one of the most interesting and unusual as the ‘Genie Lamp’ faucet spout and also knowing as the ‘Musical Note’ as the shape and design of the ‘Scroll Lever Handle’.

The Revival series was introduced at the upper mid price point of the Kohler Faucet line, as the line was made of solid brass – the spout, handles, bonnets were all crafted from solid brass and the weight of the items showed the workmanship that went into the making of every piece.

While the Faucets were make of solid brass the fixtures were made of solid Cast Iron (tubs) and Made in the USA. Most of the Pedestal Sinks and Drop-In or Self-Rimming Sinks were made of material known as Fire-Clay, giving items a big heavy bulky feel and giving artists the ability to make lines in the fixtures and a surface giving an ‘outdoor’ rustic texture.

The Revival faucet series had the original series handle – known as the Scroll Lever Handle – that looked like a musical note. About 2 years after the original introduction of Revival the Tradition Lever was introduced and that is when the line really started selling. The Scroll Lever Handle was denoted with a -4 on the model number and the Traditional Lever Handle was denoted with a -4A on the model number.

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