Kohler K-7161-AF-BV Clearflo Adjustable Pop-Up Drain

Kohler K-71611-AF-BV

The Kohler K-7161-AF-BV Clearflo Pop-Up drain works for baths and whirlpools 17 – 24 inches deep. The Clearflo is for standard 1-1/2 inch drain lines and is made of 17 gauge solid brass materials for durability and life long reliability.

The -AF stands for Above Floor and Kohler used to make a variation of -TF for through the floor, however this unit is adaptable for either Above the Floor installation or Through the Floor installation by changing the direction of the Tee that is included. To see more on the K-7161-AF-BV see here.

The K-7161-AF is available in the following finishes:

  • -AF Vibrant French Gold
  • -AU Polished Gold (discontinued)
  • -CP Polished Chrome
  • -BKB Brushed Black
  • -BN Vibrant Brushed Nickel
  • -BV Vibrant Brushed Bronze
  • -G Brushed Chrome
  • -PB Vibrant Polished Brass
  • -SN Vibrant Polished Nickel
  • -RGD Vibrant Rose Gold
  • -VNT Vintage Nickel
  • -TT Vibrant Titanium
  • -2BZ Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • -RN Vibrant Hammered Nickel (discontinued)

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