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The Kohler 16 Shades of Green

Kohler color 97 Timberline

Recently I was asked by an enquirer what are the names of the popular Kohl’s green colors? My answer at the time was that I am not familiar with Kohl’s colors – thinking that was the clothing store Kohl’s and I am not familiar with all the colors of green they offer.

However I was later corrected than they were looking for the names of the popular Kohler green colors. Being that we consider ourselves experts in the Kohler line of products I quickly responded with the green colors of – Seafoam Green (color #71), Teal (color #17), Aspen Green (color #42), Evergreen (color #46) and later added to the reply Timberline (color #97).

After further checking our color library of the greens Kohler has had over the years Greens have come and have gone. There are currently no greens available in the Kohler line of new products, but since we only sell and usually only discuss discontinued Kohler there have been 16 shades of greens as follows, some are darker and some are lighter, but here they are:

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