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Kohler Oil Rubbed Bronze – BRZ or 2BZ

Kohler K-393-4-BRZ

The Kohler Finish Oil Rubbed Bronze first arrived as a finish in 2010 with the original finish denoted as -BRZ. This finish was darker – the ‘oil’ in the center and middle of the faucet with the ends and tips the lighter ‘Bronze’ finish as can be seen on the image on the right, on the Kohler K-393-4-BRZ as you can see the highlights on the tips and ends of the faucet handles and spout aerator and faucet base. The highlights are also on the rim of the drain and pop-up assembly at the drain of the sink bowl installing the faucet on.

The Latest and most current Oil Rubbed Bronze finish arrived in 2016 and is denoted as -2BZ. The finish has ‘Bronze Lines’ running through the center of the ‘Oiled’ finish. This can be seen all throughout the faucet and/or item, accessories finish. An example of the newer Vibrant Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is to the right on the Kohler K-393-N4-2BZ and can be seen on the Kohler Fairfax faucet where the ‘Bronze’ on the ends and tips is more subtle and has make the newer finish more in demand and more popular than the previous finish.

The image at the top of the post is the current (post 2016) Kohler Vibrant Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.

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